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Hi, my name is Kelvin Belfon.

I was born in the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada.  Life back home was what I considered to be simple and carefree.

Then I immigrated to the US.

It was not too long after that my life gradually became complicated with unnecessary possessions, credit cards, mortgages, student loans, car notes, utility bills, and toxic relationships.

It turns out that the American dream, for me, carried with it a lot of extra baggage.

In 2013 I relocated to Denver, Colorado. I was excited to move into my new home! But while unloading the moving truck I had a horrifying thought, “How was all of my stuff going to fit in the new townhouse?”

I did the best despite living in a much smaller living space. But the arranging and rearranging of all the extra stuff in the crowded basement turned into a weekly chore. It was tiring. Then came my epiphany, “Instead of constantly reorganizing, why not just minimize?”

One night I discovered Zen Habits and Becoming a Minimalist while surfing online for decluttering tips. The message these bloggers prescribed immediately empowered me to minimize my possessions and simplify my lifestyle.

 I became a minimalist and the journey began. A few months later, Going Uncomplicated was born!

What’s the goal

I started this blog to share my story, learn the art of simple living, connect with like-minded individuals and inspire others. In the process, I’ve discovered that minimalism is only a process. The end-game is a more holistic and intentional lifestyle which involves self-care, family, health, finances, and relationships.

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