What Matters Most

by Kelvin Belfon

What Matters Most

Many people dream about vacationing or honeymooning in some beautiful tropical paradise. Yet because Camilla and I are islanders, 14 years ago we picked Colorado as our honeymoon destination. It was an opportunity to experience a new culture and to see the Rocky Mountains for the first time. The whole idea was romantic and exciting!

Last year, life for us shifted and we had the opportunity to relocate anywhere we wanted. We picked Denver. It was like a dream come true. But even in the most idyllic place, life can still become complicated. I was unemployed and my savings were dwindling. I had an abundance of free time but free time in this case was stressful.

Even after I found a “buffer” job, I worried about the bills and the things we might needed in the future. I was hard on myself and began to wallow in thoughts of failure. But my family gave me much needed perspective. Each evening when I came home, they would greet me with the biggest smiles. My children would run to meet me at the door chanting, “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”

It felt good to be admired despite what I thought of myself during that difficult period of transition. The constant affirmation led me to start asking, “What matters most in life?” I thought I knew, having drafted quick lists in my past. But regardless of what I thought I wanted, I often failed to give them the highest value in my life.

I’m getting closer to answering the what matters most in life question.

To start, an outlook of gratitude and healthy relationships are most important to me. These are easy to express, but probably not so easy to master. They require living with minimal clutter and distraction. They require consistency. And because I love myself and the people closest to me, the effort is worth it.

So, what are the things that matter most to you?

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20 thoughts on “What Matters Most

  1. Gillian Claudia Johnson-Baptiste says:

    Your perspective was extremely well articulated sir, and provides much food for thought. The things that matter most to me at this stage in my life are; my relationship with God, family, people who contribute to my well being, nature and spending time with myself.

  2. Elizabeth Fidalgo says:

    Hi Kevin, great post! I think you have already answered your question, only one point missing. Living in a place that you have chosen, having a family that loves you and being health (the family too) are what matter. And of course, loving yourself is the base for everything. For sure, I learned a little with you today. Thanks,

  3. Dona says:

    An inspirational perspective.

    Keeping positive support in our lives…

    God who supports us.
    Family who support us.
    Friends who support us. Our lifestyle that supports us being able to keep us positive.

    These combined helps us to be better to ourselves and those around us who need a positive influence.

    Thank you sir!!

  4. Gabriele says:

    Nice blog, Kelvin. For one thing, I am so very glad that you and Camilla decided to pick Denver as your destination. Denver will be a better place because of that! 🙂
    My list is actually pretty short. Most important to me is my relationship with God. And then my semi-adopted family which consists of the few family members I do have, my friends and my pets. This would be my circle of influence which I truly cherish but also constantly expand.
    The other thing that weighs in heavily is my peace, which I will not relinquish for any reason or circumstance 🙂
    Those are all important to me. Everything else that matters to me you and the other lovely people already covered. :))))
    PS. I still want to go to the islands…lol

    • Kelvin Belfon says:

      Nice list Gabriele. Yes, peace is a big one for many people. You’ll definitely love the islands if you go…Grenada is awesome. Just saying!

  5. Marian Knowles says:

    Hi Kevin, Great post! For me, being present (as in “in the present moment”) is a big one on my list. I’m trying to reduce multi-tasking and be in the now with my loved ones, which is real life, not replay the past or project the future.

  6. Kelvin Belfon says:

    Multi-tasking does have a way of distracting us. I’m working on this one too. Thanks for sharing Marian!

  7. Kellyann says:

    Heartfelt post Kelvin! Most definitely, the things that matter most in my life are: 1)My relationship with Jesus Christ and that of my family. It is my desire that my children not only hear of God’s love but know him, believe and accept Him.
    2) My family: my biggest fans and constant support, my inspiration, the force and joy that keeps me moving.
    3)The simple things in life we often overlook or take for granted: health: being able to walk, communicate, swallow, see & the lists goes on along with the few positive n motivating friendships.
    I encourage you to keep inspiring and motivating others. Enjoy reading your blog

  8. Kelvin Belfon says:

    Awesome list Kellyann! Our health is one we take for granted. I’m becoming more careful about the things I eat and more intentional about exercising. And thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Ron Miaskiewicz says:

    I enjoy simple! This is not complicated, BUT GOD,


  10. Diane Rhoden says:

    Thanks for taking time to focus on what really matters. Your testimony has been an encouragement as I prepare myself for the future, making plans. It’s good to see that God remains faithful and gives peace at times of uncertainty. Thanks for the new perspective!

  11. Thanks, Kelvin, for being transparent. Often the Lord uses our trials to refine us and our goals. It’s during the tough times of testing that we find out how strong He has made us. SO glad you and your family are in Denver now!

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